Arterosil HP by Calroy Health Sciences – Cardiovascular Health – Blood Pressure Support Supplement – Endothelial Glycocalyx Support – Cardiologist Recommended – MonitumRS Rhamnan Sulfate – Patented

Price: $95.50
(as of May 12,2022 07:37:53 UTC – Details)

Supports a strong and vital endothelial glycocalyx (the micro-thin, gel-like lining that protects your veins and arteries)*
Shown in 20+ years of studies to increase arterial elasticity and protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx*
Cardiologist-recommended supplement helps support normal blood circulation, including regulation of vascular permeability and fluid balance*
Arterosil HP is transitioning to CLEAR VEGAN CAPSULES! Whether your Arterosil HP comes in our legacy white capsules with red print, or our new print-free CLEAR VEGAN CAPSULES, rest assured it’s the same great formula with the same great benefits!

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